Where to buy damascus ring?

Where to buy damascus ring?

Damascus rings

With the internet on all our smartphones making a purchase of damascus ring is more accessible than ever. Our specialists suggest you to run your search on the Amazon website for several reasons, you will surely receive it at home in 1 day, the shipping rates are very economical, you will have hundreds of references to choose from and the greatest facilities to make a replacement

If you do not like the idea of making a purchase from Amazon, you can search in several essential online stores in the area, for example Carrefour, Maison du monde, Bricomart, Alliexpress, Wallapop, etc.. And if what you prefer is to visit a local , just by researching on Google any city in Spain, you will also see how easy it is to locate stores in Alicante, Barcelona, Extremadura, Huelva, etc, to purchase damascus steel rings.

More information with the following video about Damascus steel bracelet


This wedding damascus ring resemblance is enhanced by the contrast between geometric perfection and an organized weave that modifies and tears the surface. This kit is achieved by mixing steels using a millenary method achieving a sophisticated and durable material. 

The interior is polished contrasting with an exterior that cocktails in his machine matte surfaces with some semi-glossy ones.

The rings in the photo are 4 and 7 mm wide. This reference is made in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 mm. You can choose the width you like for exactly the same price.

The engraving is in capital letters with a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces in white). It has an additional cost of $ 500 ninety per damascus ring.

Our construction time is 2-3 weeks. If you require an order sooner, we will be happy to expedite it for an extra charge. Please contact us before purchasing so we can confirm our end of the job.

Each and every one of our products has a unique vegetable skin packaging. For further instructions click here.

*The circle shown inside the packaging is not included.

The materials we use are carefully chosen and in some cases elaborated by ourselves, on the other hand it is relevant to clarify that for all the materials that have wefts it is not possible to repeat the same stitch between one damascus ring and another. 

In the case of the rings that are events with trunk and/or damask steel and/or concrete and/or carbon fiber in any of their versions and/or combinations, the texture/s conclusion of your own ring will be similar to that of the photos of each spread but will not be the same.

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